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As an administrator, you can contribute to KU’s internationalization efforts in a wide variety of ways. The resources below will help you identify opportunities and resources designed to support the internationalization of the student experience, engage in international research and program development, and identify resources for personal and professional development.

Why Engage with Internationalization at KU?

As a KU administrator, you have opportunities to provide supports that make student, staff, and faculty engagement in internationalization more likely and successful.

Every unit on campus is charged to incorporate internationalization as a core foundation of their Jayhawks Rising strategic plan. The Internationalization Toolkit is designed to support these efforts by offering recommendations on evaluative, goal-setting, and promotional actions you can take within your unit, and providing information on resources at KU that can help you reach your goals.

Recommended Actions

  • Visit with students, staff, and faculty in your department, division, school, or College to learn more about their goals for internationalizing their work and experience.
  • Utilize the information on Internationalizing the Student Experience, International Partnerships, and International Research and Program Development to deepen your understanding of internationalization at KU.
  • Review current international engagements and identify potential strategies and aspirations for your unit.
  • Review unit, institutional, and peer comparison data to evaluate how your school or department compares to others across a range of measures. Consider both comparative and trend data to help you identify potential areas of opportunity and growth.
  • Identify barriers to internationalization in your unit, and work to mitigate those barriers.
  • Create and implement a unit plan for internationalization. Evaluate your progress and make adjustments to foster success and sustainability of activities.
  • Celebrate and share your accomplishments with the larger community.
  • Subscribe to the KUIA newsletter for reports on our progress and work.

Examples of Engagement

Resources for Engagement

Community Toolbox Resources