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What is the Internationalization Toolbox? Who is the Toolbox For?

What is the Internationalization Toolbox? The Internationalization Toolbox provides support for campus efforts to promote international engagement throughout activities at KU.

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Internationalizing the Student Experience

The Internationalization Toolbox connects students and scholars to campus resources to enhance their global experience.

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International Partnerships: How KU Connects Around the Globe

International collaborations and partnerships extend the scope and impact of the university’s research and teaching missions.

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Internationalization of the Curriculum & Co-Curriculum

Internationalizing the Curriculum & Co-Curriculum includes internationalizing of majors, courses, and co-curricular activities within the unit.

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International Engagement in Research and Program Development

International opportunities and resources can significantly augment research and program development for individuals, schools, departments, and programs.

The Internationalization Toolbox

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