Four students walking on a campus sidewalk.

The Internationalization Toolbox connects students and scholars to campus resources to enhance their global experience, and staff, faculty, and administrators to resources to enhance campus internationalization.

What is it? Why does it matter?

Students need to be equipped with global and cultural competencies to navigate the ever-changing world. International education enhances understanding of diverse perspectives, develops communication skills, and helps students understand our interconnectedness in a global world.

Students can internationalize their experience at KU by participating in academic options like courses, programs, and majors with an international focus; by engaging with co-curricular and extra-curricular program like the GAP certificate and globally-oriented campus events; or through studying, researching, or doing internships abroad.

Staff, faculty, and administrators can internationalize the experience of KU students through advising students about options; creating a globally inclusive campus and classroom environment; developing internationalized curricular options; supporting and creating internationalized co-curricular options; and fostering an environment where internationalization is a foundational element of every KU degree program.

How to Take Action:

  • Use the toolbox resources below to participate in the internationalization of the student experience at KU.
  • Create an internationalized course and/or incorporate intercultural skill development in the classroom.
  • Incorporate international components into a major or minor.
  • Support internationalized co-curricular activities, like seminars and events.
  • Map study abroad experiences to the major requirements in your unit.
  • Recommend international opportunities to students.
  • Work with your administrative leadership to increase international student recruitment efforts.
  • Collaborate with an international partner to add a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) dimension to your course.
  • Subscribe to the KUIA newsletter for reports on our progress and work.


Resources for Creating a Globally Inclusive Environment in the Classroom

Resources for Internationalizing Curriculum

Resources for Internationalizing the Co-Curriculum

Resources for Student Mobility