Students throw colored powders in the air to celebrate the Hindu holiday Holi.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, the Internationalization Toolbox provides information and links to campus programming and resources that can help you add an international dimension to your educational experience.

Why Engage with Internationalized Experiences at KU?

As a KU student you have many options to develop your intercultural competence, enhance your global mindset, and internationalize your KU experience. These experiences can support your academic, social, and long-term professional goals in a global society.

Key Questions to Consider

  • What are your goals for an internationalized KU experience?
  • Are you interested in mastering a second language?
  • Do you seek a better understanding of world cultures?
  • Are you interested in a research topic of global importance?
  • Are you eager to experience living abroad?
  • Will your future career require international experience?
  • What are the goals that you have for your time at KU and beyond as a member of a global society?

Recommended Actions

  • Talk with an advisor or faculty mentor about your goals.
  • Utilize the resources below to identify the KU opportunities that align with your goals.
  • Visit with staff and faculty in the programs and units that can help you gain internationalized experiences.
  • Explore possibilities by attending globally-oriented campus events, festivals and fairs, and globally focused seminars and panel discussions.
  • Consider what experiences you need to gain to reach your goals.
  • Identify the people who can help you learn how to reach your goals. This might include an academic advisor, a faculty mentor, a Study Abroad advisor, or someone else you know who has had the experience you seek.
  • Identify your next steps towards your goal. Write them down, set a timeline for action, share your plan with someone who can support you, and begin working towards the internationalized KU experience you seek!

Examples of Engagement

Resources for Cultural and Language Learning

Resources for Study, Research, and Internships Abroad