Student Researchers

What resources and strategies does your school or department use to initiate or further develop international research collaborations? Consider the information provided here to leverage the potential of hosting visiting scholars, explore opportunities to connect with international research consortia, identify new resources to help faculty establish or grow international research collaborations, or create a strategic plan for yielding longer-term benefits from postdocs.

International Collaborative Research

Use the resources below to find and pursue new ideas for stimulating or strengthening international research collaborations in your area. Many faculty already have significant international connections, but they may not have intentionally built upon them or may not be aware of new opportunities or may not know the process for pursuing such opportunities.

As to process, many research activities can be conducted under an Agreement of Cooperation, but even that limited degree of formal partnership may not be required. However, in cases where the research project commits KU resources, the plan should be operationalized in a research agreement. The shape and content of the agreement will vary depending on the type of collaboration.


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Resources & Opportunities

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International Research Networks & Consortia

Networks and Networks of Networks

International Research Consortia

KU Support for International Research

KUIA Grants

Other KU Grants and Resources

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External Funding & KUCR Support


Resources & Opportunities